In this page you can see a collection of famous people who died in aviation accidents between 2000 and 2009.

27th of August 1990 01:05 Stevie Ray Vaughan 52

Stevie Ray Vaughan 35, blues guitarist N2336Z

9th of March 1991Jim Hardin

Jim Hardin 47, former Baltimore Orioles pitcher N2336Z

16th of March 1991 01:45Reba McEntire band singing group

Reba McEntire band singing group N2336Z

4th of April 1991 H. John Heinz III

H. John Heinz III 53, Pennsylvania Senator N2336Z

5th of April 1991 14:50 John Tower Manley “Sonny” Carter Jr. Davis Love Sr.

John Tower 66, Texas Senator Manley “Sonny” Carter Jr. 44, U.S. astronaut Davis Love Sr. professional golfer N2336Z

31th of July 1991 Al Loquasto

Al LoquastoAl Loquasto 48, race car driver N2336Z

25th of October 1991 Bill Graham

Bill Graham 60, rock promoter N2336Z

1st of April 1993 21:30 Alan Kulwicki

Alan Kulwicki 39, race car driver N2336Z

15th of April 1993 George Mickelson

George Mickelson 52, South Dakota Governor N2336Z

27th of April 1993 Zambian national soccer team

Zambian national soccer team N2336Z

12th of July 1993 15:00 David “Davey” Allison

David “Davey” Allison 30, race car driver N2336Z

03rd of August 1993 Dr. Alwyn Gentry Theodore Parker III

Dr. Alwyn Gentry 48, botanist Theodore Parker III 40, ornithologist N2336Z

15th of December 1993 Rich Snyder

Rich Snyder 41, president of the In-N-Out Hamburger chain N2336Z

23th of March 1994 Robert Richards

Robert Richards KSDK TV weatherman N2336Z

3rd of April 1994 Frank Wells Beverly Johnson

Frank Wells 62, president of Disney Beverly Johnson 46, documentary film maker N2336Z

6th of April 1994 Cyprien Ntaryamira Juvenal Habyarimana

Cyprien Ntaryamira president of Burundi Juvenal Habyarimana president of Rwanda N2336Z

18th of September 1994 Omalie Aimuanmwosari

Omalie Aimuanmwosari Nigerian soccer player N2336Z

25th of October 1994 Lt. Kara Hultgren

Lt. Kara Hultgren first female fighter pilot N2336Z

13th of December 1994 Bryan Kerchalt

Bryan Kerchalt 23, Bass Masters Classic winner N2336Z

05th of January 1995 Eduardo Mata

Eduardo Mata 52, Mexican conductor and composer N2336Z

14th of March 1995 11:50 Silvio Oltra Carlos Menem Jr.

Silvio Oltra Argentine race car driver Carlos Menem Jr. son of the president of Argentina N2336Z

27th of April 1995 Sylvester J. “Steve” Wittman

Sylvester J. “Steve” Wittman 91, aircraft designer and racer N2336Z

02nd of March 1996 Mamonas Assassinas

Mamonas Assassinas Brazilian rock group N2336Z

22th of March 1996 12:35 Robert Overmyer

Robert Overmyer 59, U.S. astronaut N2336Z

3rd of April 1996 13:05 Ron Brown

Ron Brown 55, U.S. Secretary of Commerce N2336Z

11th of April 1996 08:25 Jessica Dubroff

Jessica Dubroff 7, trainee pilot N2336Z

16th of April 1996 Charlie Hillard

Charlie Hillard 62, aerobatic champion N2336Z

18th of April 1996 14:35 Brook Berringer

Brook Berringer 22, University of Nebraska quarterback N2336Z

11th of May 1996 14:20 Walter Hyatt Rodney Culver

Walter Hyatt 46, singer, songwriter Rodney Culver 26, San Diego Chargers running back N2336Z

17th of July 1996 20:30 Marcel Dadi Sylvain Delange Rico Puhlmann

Marcel Dadi 45, French country and western guitarist Sylvain Delange 35, French artist Rico Puhlmann 62, photographer N2336Z

23th of November 1996 15:20 Mohamed “Mo” Aminr

Mohamed “Mo” Amin 53, famous Kenyan photographer N2336Z

2nd of March 1997 Lars Bergstrom

Lars Bergstrom 62, sailboat, sailplane designer N2336Z

6th of June 1997 Jeffrey Ethell

Jeffrey Ethell 49, aviation writer N2336Z

10th of August 1997 13:35 Marie-Soleil Tougas Jean-Claude Lauzon

Marie-Soleil Tougas 27, French Canadian movie actress Jean-Claude Lauzon 43, French Canadian film director N2336Z

12th of October 1997 17:30 John Denver

John Denver 53, singer N2336Z

12th of October 1997 17:30 Richard Graff

Richard Graff winemaker, co founder of Chalone Wine Group N2336Z

15th of March 1998 Tal Shmuel Eldar

Tal Shmuel Eldar 45, Israeli Brigadier General N2336Z

26th of July 1998 Lt. General David McCloud

Lt. General David McCloud 51, U.S. Air Force N2336Z

2nd of September 1998 22:30 Jonathan Mann Joseph LaMotta

Jonathan Mann 52, AIDS researcher Joseph LaMotta 49, noted chef, son of boxing champ Jake LaMotta. N2336Z

21th of November 1998 17:45 William Gardner

William Gardner Knight 56, movie actor N2336Z

20th of December 1998 18:35 Phil Stubbs

Phil Stubbs 36, ocean rowing champion N2336Z

2nd of April 1999 Michael Bell

Michael Bell 33, New Zealand boxer N2336Z

19th of May 1999 17:25 Juergen Staudte

Juergen Staudte 61, inventor of the quartz crystal for digital watches N2336Z

16th of July 1999 21:40 John F. Kennedy Jr.

John F. Kennedy Jr. 38, son of President Kennedy N2336Z

18th of September 1999 16:00 Gary Levitz

Gary Levitz 61, champion air racer N2336Z

25th of September 1999 Stephen Canaday

Stephen Canaday 55, former member of singing group Ozark Mountain Daredevils N2336Z

25th of September 1999 Mark Hanna

Mark Hanna 40, preserver of vintage aircraft N2336Z

25th of October 1999 11:25 Payne Stewart

Payne Stewart 42, pro golfer N2336Z

31th of October 1999 Claude Masson

Claude Masson 58, Canadian journalist N2336Z

12th of December 1999 16:50 Peter La Haye Sr.

Peter La Haye Sr. 59, inventor of implant lenses for cataract patients N2336Z

Famous people dead in plane crashes between 2000 and 2009.

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