In this page you can see a collection of famous people who died in aviation accidents between 2000 and 2009.

8th of January 14:50 2000 Joe Dan Petty 52

Allman Brothers guitar tech and former member of Grinderswitch Macon, Georgia Beech 23 N2336Z

31th of January 16:25 2000 Cynthia Oti Dean Forshee Jean Gandesberry Tom Stockley

Cynthia Oti radio financial talk-show host Dean Forshee guitarist Jean Gandesberry columnist Tom Stockley columnist N2336Z

8th of February 15:00 2000 Robert “Bob” Collins

Robert “Bob” Collins 57, radio talk show host for WGN, Chicago N2336Z

14th of February 11:50 2000Tony Lee Bettenhausen
Tony Lee Bettenhausen 48, CART Indycar racing team owner N2336Z

9th of March 08:50 2000Artyom Borovik

Artyom Borovik Russian journalist N2336Z

16th of April 2000Bishop Thomas Lobsinger

Bishop Thomas Lobsinger 72, missionary N2336Z

2nd of June 2000Svyatoslav Fyodorov

Svyatoslav Fyodorov 72, Russian inventor who pioneered radial keratotomy surgery N2336Z

19th of June 2000William “Bill” Papas

William “Bill” Papas 72, artist and journalist N2336Z

2nd of July 2000 Salvator Socrates

Salvator Socrates Philippine Governor Santiago Madrid Philippine Air Force general N2336Z

4th of August 07:50 2000Thomas Allgood Sr.

Thomas Allgood Sr. 71, former Georgia State Senator N2336Z

6th of October 2000 22:10 Charles B. Yates

Charles B. Yates 61, former state Senator from New Jersey N2336Z

12th of October 2000 Gary McPherson

Gary McPherson 37, Colorado state Rep. N2336Z

16th of October 2000Mel Carnahan

Mel Carnahan 66, Governor of Missouri N2336Z

27th of January 2001Members of the Oklahoma State University basketball team

Members of the Oklahoma State University basketball team N2336Z

4th of April 2001Ibrahim Shamsul-Din

Ibrahim Shamsul-Din Deputy Defense Minister of Sudan N2336Z

22th of May 2001 18:05 Dr. Patricia Hilliard Robertson

Dr. Patricia Hilliard Robertson 38, astronaut N2336Z

8th of July 2001 18:35 Capt. Rolim Adolfo Amaro

Capt. Rolim Adolfo Amaro 58, President and founder of the Brazilian airline TAM N2336Z

27th of July 2001 18:35 Fernanda Vogel
Fernanda Vogel 20, Brazilian fashion model N2336Z

25th of August 18:35 Aaliyah Haughton
Aaliyah Haughton 22, singer and actress N2336Z

29th of August 2001 16:05 Graham “Shirley” Strachan

Graham “Shirley” Strachan 49, Australian television and rock star N2336Z

11th of September 2001 08:40 David Angell Berry Berenson
David Angell 54, creator and executive producer of “Frasier” Berry Berenson 53, actress and photographer N2336Z

11th of September 2001 09:05 Garnet “Ace” Bailey
Garnet “Ace” Bailey 53, former Boston Bruins hockey player. Scout for the LA. Kings. N2336Z

11th of September 2001 09:50 Barbara Olsen
Barbara Olsen 46, CNN/Fox commentator N2336Z

24th of November 2001 22:10 Melanie Thornton Maria Serano Serano Nathaly van het Ende
Melanie Thornton 34, American pop singer Maria Serano Serano Nathaly van het Ende both 27, members of the pop-music trio, Passion Fruit. N2336Z

1st of June 2002 06:50 Hansie Cronje

Hansie Cronje 32, former South African Cricket captain N2336Z

11th of August 2002 08:30 Galen Rowell Barbara Rowell

Galen Rowell 61, Barbara Rowell 54, Nature photographers N2336Z

25th of October 2002 10:25 Paul Wellstone
Paul Wellstone 54, Minnesota Senator N2336Z

31th of October 2002Lionel Poilâne

Lionel Poilâne 57, famous French baker President of the French helicopter association N2336Z

13th of November 2002 13:10 Henry Howard Taylor

Henry Howard Taylor 70, satellite TV broadcasting pioneer N2336Z

1st of February 2003 08:05 Rick Husband, 45 William McCool, 40 Michael Anderson, 42 Kalpana Chawla, 41 David Brown, 46 Laurel Clark, 41 IIlan Ramon, 47

Rick Husband, 45 William McCool, 40 Michael Anderson, 42 Kalpana Chawla, 41 David Brown, 46 Laurel Clark, 41 IIlan Ramon, 47 Crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia N2336Z

6th of June 2003 16:00 Jesica Kaplan

Jesica Kaplan 24, screenwriter N2336Z

30th of July 2003 Steve Hislop

Steve Hislop 41, British superbike motorcycle champion. N2336Z

15th of December 2003 01:30 Steve Kaplan

Steve Kaplan 43, musical director for Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune game shows. N2336Z

26th of February 2004 08:05 Boris Trajkovski

Boris Trajkovski 47, president of Macedonia N2336Z

1st of March 2004 13:35 Boris Trajkovski

Toni Onley 75, Canadian artist N2336Z

17th of March 2004 11:10 Soundarya
Soundarya 32, Indian actress and film star N2336Z

30th of April 2004 18:20 Ian Groom

Ian Groom 56, acrobatic pilot N2336Z

11th of September 2004 11:15 Patriarch Pedros VII of Alexandria

Patriarch Pedros VII of Alexandria 55, spiritual leader of orthodox Christians throughout Africa N2336Z

1st of October 2004 18:10 Gertrude Dunn

Gertrude Dunn 72, multi-sport athlete including playing for the All American Girls Professional Baseball League of the 50s N2336Z

27th of June 2005 13:25 John Walton
John Walton 58, billionaire and second son to Sam Walton founder of Wal-Mart N2336Z

30th of July 2005 Dr. John Garang

Dr. John Garang 60, Vice President of Sudan. N2336Z

08th of October 2005 21:00 Art Vance

Art Vance 64, champion air racer N2336Z

06th of January 2006 04:00 Eric Anthony Beard

Eric Anthony Beard 47, world famous stunt pilot N2336Z

13th of March 2006 09:50 Peter Tomarken

Peter Tomarken 63, former game show host (Press Your Luck) N2336Z

19th of April 2006 15:15 Scott Crossfield

Scott Crossfield 84, famous test pilot, aviator, aircraft designer N2336Z

10th of September 2006 Gabor Varga

Gabor Varga 45, Swedish aerobatics champion (Press Your Luck) N2336Z

15th of September 2006 Pablo Santos
Pablo Santos 19, actor N2336Z

11th of October 2006 14:50 Corey Lidle
Corey Lidle 34, New York Yankee pitcher N2336Z

28th of July 2007 14:35 Jim Leroy

Jim Leroy 46, American aerobatic pilot N2336Z

3rd of September 2007 Steve Fossett
Steve Fossett 63, aviation adventurer N2336Z

16th of September 2007 16:15 Colin McRae

Colin McRae 39, Scottish World Rally Championship driver N2336Z

30th of March 2008 14:35 Richard Lloyd David Leslie

Richard Lloyd 53 David Leslie 63, British race car drivers N2336Z

11th of September 2009 07:35 William “Skipper” Beck

William “Skipper” Beck 49, Businessman and co-owner of the Charlette Bobcats N2336Z

10th of April 2012 10:55 Lech Kaczynski

Lech Kaczynski 60, President of Poland N2336Z

09th of August 2010 22:20 Ted Stevens

Ted Stevens 86, Former Senator from Alaska N2336Z

07th of September 2011 15:55 TLokomotiv Yaroslavl

TLokomotiv Yaroslavl, Russian ice hockey team N2336Z

04th of February 2012 15:50 Michael de Gruy Andrew Wight

Michael de Gruy 60, American cinematographer Andrew Wight 52, Australian TV producer N2336Z

06th of April 2012 21:10 Jose Wejebe

Jose Wejebe 54, Fishing show host on the Outdoor Channel N2336Z

09th of December 2012 03:35 Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera 43, Mexican-American singer N2336Z

Famous people dead in plane crashes between 2000 and 2009.

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