2010s Famous people dead in plane accidents

2010 Famous people who died in airplane crashes

Date/TimeLocationPlane TypeDetailsPersonNotes/Links
Date/TimeLocationPlane TypeDetailsPersonNotes/Links
10th of April 10:51 Smolensk, Russia Tupolev 154M 101 90A837The Polish Air Force plane crashed into a forest near Smolensk. President and other 86 high ranking government personalities died. Total fatalities : 96.Lech Kaczynski - 60 years old - President of PolandDeath of Polish President
9th of August 2010 22:10Dillingham, Alaskade Havalland Otter N455A cn: 206 The plane crashed on a mountainside. Poor weather conditions contributed to the crash. Fatalities : 5/9.Ted Stevens - 86 years old - Former Senator from Alaska
7th of September 2011 15:49Yaroslavl, RussiaYakovlev 42D RA-42434 cn: 4520424305017The plane failed to take-off . It crashed outside the airport in Volga river. Fatalities : 44/45Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, Russian ice hockey teamMayday
4th of February 2012 15:50 Berry, NSW, AustraliaRobinson R44 Raven II cn: 10421The helicopter crashed after take off from Jaspers Brush Airport. They were working at a documentary for National Geographic.Michael de Gruy 60, American cinematographer Andrew Wight 52, Australian TV producer
6th of April 2012 21:05Everglades City, Florida CA8-SF Exp N548SF cn: 0585552921The plane crashed immediately after take-off. It burst in flames killing Jose.Jose Wejebe 54, Fishing show host on the Outdoor Channel
9th of December 2012 03:25Near Iturbide, MexicoLearjet 25 N345MC cn: 25-046The charter plane crashed with unidentified cause. Total fatalities : 7Jenni Rivera 43, Mexican-American singer

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