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Southwest Boeing 737 crash landing at New York – 23rd July

A Boeing 737-700 belonging to Southwest Airlines , with registration number N753SW performing a flight from Nashville to New York (Southwest 345) landed on runway 4 at 17.45 however the nose gear collapsed during landing. The plane was carrying 144 passengers and 6 crew members and landed on La Guardia’s airport. After this incident, the […]

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Small plane crashes on Lake Tahoe Airport

A small plane carrying a Palo Alto family crashed during takeoff from Lake Tahoe Airport in this morning, killing the man and hospitalizing his wife. The plane, a single engine Mooney M20, crashed into the nearby wooded area within 1 mile from the airport at approximately 11 A.M. The pilot and the sole passenger were […]

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R66 Robinson crash – Aviation Lawsuit

A privately operate helicopter registered to Aircraft Guaranty Corporation collided with terrain close to Girardot, Colombia on July 12, 2011. The local time when the accident took place was 15:41 and 20:41 UTC standard time. The helicopter crashed into an open field just about within 4 minutes of takeoff. Substantial damage was sustained by the […]

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Asiana 214 law firms

83 survivors from Asiana 214 plane crash are looking to fill a lawsuit against Boeing A law firm says it has taken the steps to sue Boeing Co . On behalf of 83 passengers of Asiana 214 , the law firm claim that the crash landing may have been caused by a mechanical problem of […]

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asiana 214 passengers 911 calls

Asiana 214 Passengers calls to 911

Passengers on the Asiana flight 214 called 911 immediately after the crash. They begged for help and said ambulances weren’t coming fast enough. The first call was from a passenger of Asiana 214 and sounded like this : “Hi, we are at the San Francisco Airport and our airplane just crashed upon landing…” . Another […]

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Asiana 214 Wreckage

The following image was taken from Asiana 214 crash. To view more details CLICK HERE. In the photo you can see the wreckage of Asiana 214 after it crashed and burned. In this accident 3 young Chinese girls lost their life. The image is terrifying as you can see burned plane seats. The picture of […]

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Thomson Boeing 787 forced to return

Another aviation incident involving a Boeing 787 Dreamliner happened yesterday at Manchester Airport. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner departed from the airport for Sanford in Orlando, Florida, this afternoon. A B787 Dreamliner plane has been forced to return to Manchester Airport after it developed a mid-flight ‘technical issue’. The Thomson Boeing 787 Dreamliner departed from Sanford […]

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Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner – Fire

Fire has broken on a parked Boeing787 Dreamliner at Heathrow Airport. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner belongs to Ethiopian Airlines and no passengers were on board. Boeing 787 Dreamliner had problems before with the lithium batteries and it was grounded four months earlier. Boeing said that they will investigate the cause of the fire on Ethiopian […]

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the 2 dead passengers of asiana 214

The third girl dies from injuries in Asiana 214

A third victim from the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash at San Francisco International Airport has died, authorities said Friday. San Francisco General Hospital officials said the victim was a girl. Her age was not disclosed. The hospital treated more than 60 people from the crash, releasing most. Two adults remain in critical and four […]

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What happened to Asiana 214 reconstruction

We are far from learning what really happened to Asiana 214. NTSB confirmed today that no system anomalies were found. They found no evidence of any system failures of the Asiana Airlines Boeing 777-200ER. They also mentioned that the fire was not a result of a punctured fuel tank.

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