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Weather A Factor in Plane Crash In Castle Rock

On October 28th, 2013, a pilot crashed her year-old home-built Glasair plane into power lines near a residential neighborhood. Investigators believe the dense fog and icing conditions might have been a factor in the crash. Several neighbors in the subdivision reported hearing the plane flying very low prior to the crash.  “I heard the boom and […]

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Emergency Practice Run

As a part of a training drill, emergency responders are preparing for a plane crash with mass casualties at the Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington. The drills involve using the fuselage of a jet to simulate a crash and emergency response for a large number of victims. Like any training, these practice scenarios help prepare firefighters, […]

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Fatal Crash “Discovered” At Nashville Airport

The FAA is on the scene of a small airplane crash, Cessna-172 single engine, at the Nashville International Airport.  Authorities reported that the pilot was killed in the accident. Details of the crash are still not very clear.  The plane sat on Runway 2 Center of Nashville International Airport for as long as six hours before another […]

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Firefighting Plane Crash Sparks More Fire

The 43-year-old pilot of a plane fighting wildfires near Sydney, Australia crashed into a national park and died Thursday, 10/24/2013.  The crash sparked another fire to add to the many that are still burning.  Unfortunately, the accident occurred as firefighters were starting to get the upper hand, due to cooler weather.  Rural Fire Service (RFS) warned […]

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WWII Era Plane Crashes South of Houston

A World War II era fighter plane, P51 Mustang, named “Galveston Gal” crashed into Halls Lake near Chocolate Bay (south of Houston).  After a hour of searching through the air and sea, Coast Guard crews found two bodies amongst the debris.  One of the victims was a customer who paid for a ride on the plane, […]

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Philanthropic Business Owner and Wife Dies in a Plane Crash

Ivan Williams, CEO of Williams Construction, and wife Adina died in plane crash in rural Arkansas Monday afternoon (10/22/2013).  They were on their way back from a visit with a relative in Alabama when their single-engine 1997 Piper Saratoga crashed. Known for their kindness and generosity to many charities and non-profit groups, a company spokesperson […]

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Minor Injuries After Plane Crash in Maine

Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman Stephen McCausland confirmed that two people only suffered minor injuries when a single-engine plane crashed into Moosehead Lake, Maine. The plane, a four-seat Cessna 185, was attempting to land on the lake, but it crashed and submerged in about 20 feet of water, McCausland said.  Pilot Thomas Coleman of […]

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No Survivors As Plane Carrying Skydivers Crashes in Belgium

Minutes after take off from a small airfield near the city of Namur, Belgium, a plane carrying skydivers crashed, killing all 11 people aboard.  Witnesses saw a piece of the wing break off, sending the plane into a nosedive.  Jean-Claude Nihoul, the mayor of Namur, said the skydivers and instructors “were not able to jump […]

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Experimental Gyrocopter Crashes at Festus Airport

A man and son survives an aircraft crash after their experimental Gyrocopter, which looks similar to a helicopter, crashed near the runway around 1:00 P.M. Sunday. The frame of the aircraft snapped on impact; rotors were ruined and propellers were snapped, but the two passengers avoid any serious injuries. Steve Riggle, the airport manager at […]

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Pilot Dies in Crop Duster Crash in Hyden, Australia

The pilot was the sole occupant of a crop-dusting plane that crashed just outside the town of Hyden in Western Australia on Friday, October 18, 2013. He unfortunately did not survive the crash. The crop-duster went down just before 3PM in the afternoon about 4.5 miles outside of Hyden. It crashed into a paddock near […]

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