Air crash investigation Deadly test

Watch Air crash investigations season 13 episode 8.
This was the third aired episode of Air crash investigations from season 13 – 2014.
The series is also called

Deadly Test

so when searching you will find Mayday S13E08.

Aircrash investigations S13E08
Air date: 12 February 2014
Lost in translation

On 27 November 2008, a test flight, operated by XL Airways Germany Flight 888T, crashed into the Mediterranean Sea near France after a low-speed stall, killing all 7 people on board. The investigators determined that improper maintenance work allowed water to enter the plane’s angle of attack (AOA) sensors. The water then froze in flight, causing a blockage in the sensors, with the crew not being aware of it.

Deadly Test is one of the best Air crash investigation episode.
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