Air Crash Investigation S14E02 – Niki Lauda: Tragedy in the Air

Watch air crash investigations season 14 episode 2.
This was the second aired episode of Air crash investigations from season 14 – 2015.
The series episode is also called Mayday in some countries.

Niki Lauda: Tragedy in the Air

so when searching you will find Mayday S14E2.

Aircrash investigations S14E2
Air date: 2015
S14E02 – Niki Lauda: Tragedy in the Air

Episode description :

On 26 May 1991, the thrust reverser of the first engine of Lauda Air Flight 004 accidentally deploys in mid-flight causing the plane to spiral out of control and disintegrate about 100 miles northwest of Bangkok. All of the 223 passengers and crew die in the crash.

Niki Lauda: Tragedy in the Air is one of the best Air crash investigation episode of 2015.
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Mayday 2015

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