Air crash investigations S02E01 – Blow Out

Watch Air crash investigations season 2 episode 1 Blow out.
This was the first aired episode of Air crash investigations from season 2.
The series is also called Mayday so when searching you will find Mayday S02E01.
Aircrash investigations S02E01 Blow out

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This is one of my favourite episodes. British Airways Flight 5390 was travelling outside UK on 10th of June 1990. While in mid-air, the cockpit window was blown. The capitan was blown out of his sit through the window. A crew member hold the capitan legs during the flight and the co-pilot managed to land the plane safely. The most interesting part is that the capitan was out of the plane for more than 20 minutes yet he survived. The cause of the accident was again the maintenance team who fixed incorrect bolts to the cockpit window.

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