Alitalia 771

Alitalia 771 – DC-8 – cockpit voice recorder transcripts. Alitalia 771 was a Mcdonnell Douglas DC8 which was on route to Rome with multiple landings until destination. On 7th of July 1962 it crashed into a hill near Mumbay as it was descending for landing. The cause of accident was a navigation error which mislead the pilot to descend even though he was far away from the airport. The accident happened at night. The plane had approximately 84 passengers and 9 flight crew. All bodies from Alitalia 771 were later found. According to Wikipedia, this was the first plane crash where the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder (black boxes) we’re used to solve the accident.

To view the last words (conversation of the pilots) of flight Alitalia 771 please click on the image:

alitalia 771 last words

alitalia 771 cockpit voice recorder

alitalia 771 plane crash

all the facts about alitalia 771 plane crash


Alitalia 771 crash facts

Date: July 7, 1962, 18:40 UTC

Plane Type : McDonnell-Douglas DC8-43

Fatalities : 94

Operator : Alitalia

Where did it crash ? : 11 km NW of Junnar Maharashtra , India – 85 km away from the destination

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