American 383

American 383 – Boeing 727 – cockpit voice recorder transcripts.
American 383 was a scheduled flight from New York to Cincinnati.
The flight had an initial delay in New York of 20 minutes. The plane flew into clouds and thunderstorm and the pilots were unaware of the descent rate. The crew continued the descent into Ohio River valley. When the plane made the last turn to southesast to line up with the runway, it flew in the wood of the valley 3 km away from the runway. The plane exploded and it was engulfed in flames. The crew was trying to make a visual landing.
The investigation of American 383 crash was conducted by Civil Aviation Board and here are some of the conclusions they reached:

  1. The lights from the houses in Ohio River valley may have confused the crew into believing those were the runway lights.
  2. The crew either failed to monitor the altimeter or they were confused with their true altitute.
  3. They were unaware of the airport actual altitude.
  4. The weather was another pressure on the crew’s shoulders.

There were 57 passengers and 5 crew members. The survivors were 3 out of 57 passengers and 1 out of crew members.
Few notable passengers include : Israel Horowitz (survived the American 383 crash), Robert Arthur Bargeron and Thomas Walsh. Scroll down to see American 383 cockpit voice recorder transcripts

To view the last words (conversation of the pilots) of American 383 please click on the image:
american 383 cockpit voice recorder

american 383 crash

American 383 crash facts

Date: 8-Nov-1965

Plane Type : B727-123

Registration Number : N1996

Fatalities : 58/62

Operator : American Airlines

Where did it crash ? : Constance, Kentucky

American 383 air crash and disaster.

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