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83 survivors from Asiana 214 plane crash are looking to fill a lawsuit against Boeing

A law firm says it has taken the steps to sue Boeing Co .
On behalf of 83 passengers of Asiana 214 , the law firm claim that the crash landing may have been caused by a mechanical problem of the Boeing 777 auto throttle. The law firm said that additional pleadings will be filled against Asiana Airlines and all other manufacturers in the near future.
Another problem raised after the crash was with the slides : two out of eight opened inside , blocking the emergency exits.
At this moment , Boeing had no comment.
If the case will go to trial, the aviation lawyers will try to pinpoint the cause of the accident.
If one of your relatives or friends were in Asiana 214 and are looking for legal advice, please let us know and we will try to assist you with the best aviation lawyers.

A Chicago law firm says it has taken steps to sue aircraft manufacturer Boeing Co. on behalf of 83 people who were aboard the Asiana Airlines flight that crash-landed in San Francisco earlier this month, claiming in a court filing that the crash might have been caused by a mechanical malfunction of the Boeing 777’s auto throttle

According to the aviation attorneys this is not a lawsuit or a claim. They are looking for some information related to the manufacturers of some of Boeing 777 components.
No money are saught at the moment.

Updates on Asiana investigation :
NTSB are close to finishing the investigation. Read the NTSB report

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