Asiana Airlines Safety Record

asiana airlines safety recordWhen it comes to safety record, Asiana Airlines had 5 flight incidents and over 70 fatalities. Read our full article about the latest Asiana Airlines crash.

  1. The first documented incident took place on 16th of January 2011 when an Asiana Airlines Boeing 767-38E landed hard on Cheju international airport. The plane was approaching Cheju airport and was cleared to land. Due to the bad weather (high speed crosswinds) the nosewheel touched down hard. The aircraft sustained substantial damage. As a result to this incident, Boeing made changes in the plane fuselage and added landing techniques in the training manual.
  2. 26th of July 1993 – Asiana Flight 733 crashed after departing from Seoul on route to Mokpo airport. Again bad weather conditions (heavy rain and wind) was the main cause of the crash. After 2 missed approaches, the Korean pilot tried the third attempt. The plane struck Mount Ungeo at 800 ft altitude. The airport wasn’t equipped with ILS. This was the worst accident in Asiana history. Total fatalities : 68 out of 116 passengers and crew.
  3. 28th of October 2009 -The Airbus A321-200 belonging to Asiana (reg. no. HL7763) sustained considerable damage when the tail hit the runway. Like the accident from 6th of July, the tail hit the runway but fortunately this time there were no fatalities.
  4. 28th of July 2011 – Asiana Flight 991 from Seoul to Shanghai-Pudong was a cargo flight. The Boeing 747-400F (reg. no. HL7604) crashed into the sea of Jeju in South Korea. Before the crash pilots reported rear cargo fire. The pilots requested emergency descent but soon discovered the rudder and all other controls are not responding. In the last contact with ATC they said they are going to ditch the plane.
  5. 6th of July 2013Asiana 214 crashed on San Francisco airport.

Another tragedy almost happened in Aug 2004. A collision between Asiana B747 and a Southwest B737 at LAX was avoided in the last moment. The ATC gave Southwest flight clearence for takeoff. The collision was avoided in the last minute as the Asiana pilot noticed the Southwest plane on the runway. Read Top 10 plane crashes

July seems to be a bad day for Asiana Airlines. In 1993 they lost a plane in an accident with 68 fatalities. Twenty years later the history repeats but with only 2 casualties.

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