Bolingbrook Plane Crash Kills Two

Bolingbrook Plane Crash

Bolingbrook Plane Crash

A Cirrus SR-22 carrying two people crashed into the parking lot of a bank in Bolingbrook, a village 28 miles southwest of Chicago in Illinois. The single-engine plane reportedly clipped trees and utility poles as it descended, and burst into flames upon impact. The plane had been attempting to land at Bolingbrook’s Clow International Airport, but apparently had trouble on approach, attempted to gain altitude, and then went out of control, resulting in the crash.

The only passengers were the pilot, Dr. Narayan Vengushwamy and his wife, Jay Vengushwamy. Both were killed in the crash.

Known as “Dr. Vengu” by patients and colleagues, Dr. Vengushwamy was a surgeon and member of the Georgetown Community Hospital in Georgetown Kentucky. He and his wife were reportedly flying to attend a medical conference in the area. Dr. Vengushwamy survived the initial crash and was taken to a local hospital with severe burns, but died shortly afterwards. His wife was trapped in the wreckage and died on scene.

The SR-22 is a four-seat, single engine propeller plane known for its good safety record. It features the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), a parachute capable of being deployed if the plane loses power mid-flight that can float the craft back to the ground.

No information regarding the cause of the crash has been released and investigations are ongoing.

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