Brit Air 5672

Brit Air 5672 -CRJ 100- cockpit voice recorder transcripts.

Air France flight 5672, at the time of the approach got deviated towards the left side of the centerline. Initially, the aircraft went up the glideslope, but later on it descended below under the glideslope. With further declination below the glideslope, sound started to come out of the Ground Proximity Warning System in short GPWS. Attempts at recovery were undertaken with more power was added to the engine, but it didn’t work since it was too late. Air France flight 5672, with its gear down, crashed in a field and bumped at multiple obstacles before coming to static state 150 meter further on. The crash took place at a distance of 2150 meters from the runway threshold and 450 meter to the left of the stretched centerline.

All passengers and crews, excepting the captain got out of the plane before it caught fire. Two passengers and the co-pilot suffered injuries.

To view the last words (conversation of the pilots) of Brit Air 5672 please click on the image:
Brit Air 5672 cockpit voice recorder

Brit Air 5672 crash

Brit Air 5672 crash facts

Date: 22-Jun-2003

Plane Type : CRJ 100

Fatalities :

Operator : Brit Air

Where did it crash ? :

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