British Airways mid-air incident 2 July

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A Sri-Lankan sportist flying with British Airways almost did a terrifying act unwillingly. The Sri-Lankan man is claimed to be a member of the national cricket team and while travelling at cruise altitude, he tried to open the door of the plane thinking it was the toilet door. Terrified passengers and crew yelled at him while he was trying to open the door for 2 minutes.

The crew immediately rushed to the scene and calmed the man down. The Sri Lankan Cricket board launched an investigation into the alleged incident to find out what exactly happened on board of British Airways flight BA2158.

The team was flying from St Lucia to Gatwick after they played a match with West Indies yesterday.

“An inquiry will be conducted based on the manager’s report and disciplinary action will be taken on the player concerned if found guilty.”

British Airways released a statement in which they mention that on board flight BA2158 took place an incident involving a customer who is believed had been drinking too much and because of this he confused the plane door with the toilet door. They also said that there is no way someone could open the door at that altitude because of the air pressure, and the plane was never in danger.


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