Cockpit voice recorder ATC – AUDIO

DateOperatorDownload Audio
DateOperatorDownload Audio
4th of April 1977Southern AirwaysSouthern_Airways_cvr
25th of September 1978Pacific Southwest AirlinesPacific_Southwest_Airlines_cvr
25th of May 1979American AirlinesAmerican_Airlines_cvr
28th of April 1988Aloha AirlinesAloha_Airlines_cvr
4th of October 1992El AlEl_Al_cvr
11th of May 1996ValujetValujet_cvr
18th of July 1996TWATWA_cvr
6th of August 1997Korean AirKorean_Air_cvr
2nd of September 1998SwissairSwissair_cvr
31st of January 2000Alaska AirlinesAlaska_Airlines_cvr
15th of January 2009US AirwaysUS Airways
4th of April 2010Polish Air ForcePolish_Air_Force_cvr

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