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On 10th of April 2010 , the president of Poland and many high rank officials were heading to Russia to commemorate the Katyn massacre in Russia. The president’s plane (a Tupolev TU154M – Russian built) have crashed on Russian soil. Russians air crash investigators (plane crashes) conducted an investigations and concluded that Polish pilots are at fault. Immediately after the crash, conspiracy theories we’re spreading all around the globe. Some people thought that Russia intentionally put the plane down because of the political tension between this two countries.

After the news of the crash arrived in Poland, they have sent their ownindependent investigation team to see what happened to the Polish Air Force 101 plane crash near Smolensk airport (Smolensk is a military airport).

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So what really happened to the plane ? Why did the Polish air force flight 101 crash?

It all started in April 10th when Polish Air Force flight 101 – Tupolev was carrying 89 passengers from Poland to Russia, including the Polish president Lech Kaczyński. Four of Poland’s best pilots we’re at command. Just after 10 o’clock , the plane started to descent to Smolensk airport.

While talking to the tower in Smolensk, the captain decided to speak Russian with the air traffic control. Even though English is the language of international civil aviation, Smolensk is not an airport for passenger planes so this rules don’t apply.

The air traffic controller communicated the captian of Polish Air 101 that fog is present at the airport and visibility was around 400 meters. A quick note for those who know something about aviation : Smolensk airport doesn’t have the equipment needed for a radio guided landing which means that the pilots should have visual contact with the runaway and land manually.

The commanding pilot acknowledged the traffic control that he will be prepared for a go-around if the landing is not possible. Then the situation takes a turn for the worse , as the crew strains to catch sight of the runway , an alarm suddenly fills the cockpit.

Polish Air Force 101 – 1549 CVR – last words

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Mayday death of the president

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