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A plane heading from Ireland was scheduled to land at Philadelphia International Airport today at 2 PM. According to the airline website the flight originated from Shannon,Ireland and landed at 1:59 PM. The plane performed an emergency landing after an “unsubstantiated” bomb threat. The plane was taken to a remote area so the Police and Homeland Security could investigate the passengers luggage.
US Air Flight 777
All passengers are escorted from the scene with buses. They will be screened and interviewed. Bomb sniffing dogs will be on scene shortly, a standard procedure in this kind of situations.
All inbound flights are delayed. All outbound flight are taking-off on schedule according to airport representatives.
When threats like this occur , TSA alert FBI and Homeland Security. Then Joint Terrorism Task Force is called to help with the investigation.

A US Airways plane made an emergency landing Wednesday afternoon after receiving an unspecified phone threat.
Fox News confirms that the plane originated in Ireland and was headed to Philadelphia. US Airways Flight 777 landed and was isolated on the runway. The 171 passengers and eight crew members and their luggage were removed from the Boeing 757 for screening. MyFoxPhilly.com reports that the nature of the threat was not immediately known.
US Airways said in a statement that the aircraft was moved to an isolated part of the airport out of an abundance of caution.
Emergency personnel and bomb-sniffing dogs could be seen checking luggage on the side of the runway. Passengers were loaded on to buses.

US Airways 777 made an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport.
FBI arrived at Philadelphia International Airport because of an apparent bomb threat made in connection to a flight originating from Shannon,Ireland. According to Associated Press, US Airways 777, landed at Phily airport on Wednesday afternoon, and all passengers exited the airplane to waiting buses on the tarmac. Police and aiport reps say they don’t have specific details about the bomb threat or information about the person who made the call, but FBI spokesperson said they are assisting the TSA in the investigation. Incoming and outgoing flights are back to normal schedule.

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