Engine Malfunction suspected in Missouri Plane Crash that Injured Two

Authorities believe that a malfunctioning engine was the cause of a plane crash that left a man and a woman injured on December 30 in Republic, Missouri.

According to the Springfield News-Leader, multiple witnesses in the area reported a low-flying plane that appeared to be in trouble last Wednesday evening, and one of the plane occupants actually called the local police for help after the plane went down. The pilot was able to take the plane down in an athletic field at Republic High School, crashing into a fence and causing only minor and moderate injuries to himself and his female passenger.

Though the Federal Aviation Administration had not yet released the names of the plane occupants, a 34-year-old male pilot, and a 28-year-old female, they did say in an email that “The pilot had reported an engine problem before the plane went down in the field.” Firefighters were on the scene shortly after the crash and had to cut the roof off of the small plane to extract the pilot and passenger. There was a fuel leak but no fire.

Republic Police Chief Mike Lawton was on the scene the following morning to work with investigators and to assess any damage to school grounds, which was minimal. He said that, although the small plane was badly mangled, the landing was nevertheless successful. “If they landed and they are still alive, that’s a great landing, despite how it looks.”

While officials have not yet commented on the level of experience of the pilot of the downed plane, it is likely that witness reports as well accounts from both the pilot and his passenger noting engine problems will direct investigators to inspect the plane wreckage for evidence of mechanical failure. In such cases, it sometimes becomes apparent that a plane was not properly maintained, repaired, or inspected before take-off.

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