Fire Erupts after Small Jet Crashes at Santa Monica Airport

A fire at the Santa Monica Airport that started when a small jet crashed into a hangar September 29, 2013, has spread to two nearby hangars and has not yet been contained as of Sunday night.

According to authorities, the twin-engine Cessna took off from Idaho, landed in Santa Monica just after 6:20 p.m. local time, and then veered off the right side of the runway and struck a storage hangar. The jet burst into flames during the crash, and the hangar partially collapsed on top of the jet.

Those at the airport at the time of the crash said they heard loud explosions. Staff at the airport’s front desk said they saw firetrucks gathered on the tarmac.

The Santa Monica Police Department and the Santa Monica Fire Department responded to the scene, authorities said.

The Fire Department dispatched six fire engines and four ambulances, but no victims were transported, spokeswoman Bridgett Lewis said.

It is unknown how many people were aboard the plane at the time it crashed, and Lewis declined to comment on injuries or fatalities.

According to Lewis, the flames spread to two hangars nearby partly due to the jet fuel burning at high temperatures.

The Cessna business jet is registered to Creative Real Estate Exchange LLC, a real-estate company based in Alabama and Georgia, according to the firm’s website. The owner of the plane lives in Malibu, according to FAA records.

The plane had made eight flights since Sept. 15, according to flight tracking websites, including four between Hailey and Santa Monica.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash at the scene, officials said.

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