First plane crashes of 2014

plane-crash-apuseni plane-crash-petresti plane-crash-romaniaThe first days of 2014 was not accident free in the world of aviation.

The first deadly plane crash of 2014 took place in Olive Creek, Guyana. On 18th of January 2014 , a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan travelling on route Olive Creek – Imbaimadai crashed into a wooded area killing the pilots (the only occupants). The plane belonged to Trans Guyana Airways and as mentioned the only occupants of the plane were the crew members. The crash cause are not known at the moment but as soon as we have a conclusion from the investigators, we will let you know.

The second major plane crash of 2014 happened in Romania in municipality of Petreasa. This is one of the most tragic air tragic accident in Romania because after the impact, all occupants survived the crash. The romanian authorities failed to find them in good time so two of the occupants died after crash. The plane belonged to Scoala Superioara de Aviatie Civila and was a Britten Norman BN-2A-27 Islander. The flying crew was composed of the most famous pilot from Romania , Adrian Iovan (who died) and Razvan Petrescu a young pilot who at a time was trained by Adrian Iovan. The other occupants of the plane were part of a transplant medical team and was travelling to Oradea to obtain some transplanted organs from a donor. The plane had some engine & deicing problems so the pilot tried to descent at a lower altitude to solve the problems. The plane crashed in a mountanous terrain in deep snow. All occupants initially survived the crash but soon the captain Adrian Iovan died due to the sustained injuries and hypothermia. Later on Aurelia Ion (23) , a medical student died for the same reasons as the pilot died . The Romanian authorities failed to arrive on the plane crash for more than 9 hours. The authorities failed to properly locate the plane in time so the captain and the medical student could be saved.




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