Philadelphia aborted takeoff nose dive US Airways 1702


Passenger’s from a US Airways plane selfie video reveal frightening escape from plane which nosedived at Philadelphia Airport after an aborted takeoff

  • Two people required medical attention after the plane nosedived
  • U.S. Airways nosedived due to an aborted takeoff
  • Jet made it into the air but had to return to ground. The force of landing made the plane gear to collapse.
  • Wind could play a major factor in this aborted takeoff

A passenger of US Airways which “crashed” on Thursday , released some photos and videos from the scene immediately after evacuation.

Hannah Udren is seen on a grainy, ‘Blair Witch’-style clip fleeing from the Airbus A320 along the runway along with dozens of screaming passengers.

The plane, which was on its way from Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, made it into the air around 6.30pm but the takeoff was aborted. The front landing gear collapsed and the nose was badly damaged. Two of the 149 passengers suffered minor injuries.

philadelphia-plane-crash philadelphia-plane-crash2 philly-crash philly-crash3


“Plane just crashed. But we are ok,” one apparent passenger, Dennis Fee, posted on Facebook, followed by a photo of passengers fleeing a US Airways jet that appeared intact but whose nose was in contact with the ground.
The jet was carrying 149 passengers and five crew members, Hooks said.


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