R66 Robinson crash – Aviation Lawsuit

A privately operate helicopter registered to Aircraft Guaranty Corporation collided with terrain close to Girardot, Colombia on July 12, 2011. The local time when the accident took place was 15:41 and 20:41 UTC standard time. The helicopter crashed into an open field just about within 4 minutes of takeoff. Substantial damage was sustained by the helicopter. On the contrary, the only passenger and the certificated commercial pilot both died. The name of the deceased pilot was Ricardo Cabrera and Juan Pablo Gaviria was the lone passenger.
In accordance to the information received from air traffic control, a VFR flight plan was lodged for a planned 45 minute flight towards the south of the destination airport. After taking off; the helicopter flew towards south of SKGI for approximately 250 feet above the ground level. A witness saw the helicopter flying towards northeastern direction, and then heard a cracking noise. The noise was followed by falling out of some parts from the helicopter. As a matter of fact, the tail rotor and tailcone were found to be separated and were located approximately 46 meters from the actual wreckage.
The families of the pilot and the only passenger have filed a lawsuit with Baum Hedlund Law Firm for incident of wrongful death. The case number for the lawsuit is BC514477 and it is filed in Los Angeles Superior Court through the attorneys of the casualties.
The lawsuit makes allegations that soon after taking off, the R66 helicopter suffered a mechanical failure and lost power uncontrollably. The reason was alleged to be defects in the helicopter’s engine, components of the fuel system, and other components of the helicopter. Through the lawsuits, the families of the casualties are asking for millions of dollars from the manufacture of the helicopters, Robinson Helicopter Company of Torrance, California.
In total, there have been 5 different inspections of the aircraft wreckage over the past one and a half year. The inspections have revealed that just before the crash took place, the R66 Rolls-Royce RR300 engine experienced a chain of extreme cycles which indicates an uncontrollable full power followed by uncheckable power loss during the last 30 seconds of the flight.
All these inspections have concluded that the fuel system in R66 aircraft N810AG was not functioning, and the defects are a direct of the mechanical malfunction.
The Aviation Law Firm taking care of this plaintiff is Baum Hedlund.
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