Safest Airplanes

Everyone who has a slight fear of flight is asking the same question again and again : Which are the safest airplanes? In my flying career, i have been travelling with both Beoing and Airbus and i can only tell you that i haven’t been involved in any kind of incident except some weak turbulences.
In this article , i will make a list with the safest airplanes (airliners) in the world. The list is based on the statistics reports regarding the number of planes in service and number of fatalities. All airplanes will be in trouble sooner or later. We are strictly interested in the number of fatalities because that is all it matters. Please note that we will mention here only the airplanes which were built in mass.

Airbus A319

1324 built – 1 hull-loss – Last and only incident : 19.01.2003 – 0 fatalities

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