Southern Airways 242

Southern Airways 242 – DC-9 – cockpit voice recorder transcripts.

To view the last words (conversation of the pilots) of Southern Airways 242 please click on the image:
Southern Airways 242 cockpit voice recorder

Southern Airways 242 crash

Southern Airways 242 crash facts

Date: 4-May-1977

Plane Type : DC-9

Fatalities :

Operator : Southern Airways

Where did it crash ? :

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2 Responses to “Southern Airways 242”

  1. Bonita #

    Information above regarding Southern 242 is incorrect and incomplete. The crash date was April 4,1977 (not May). There were a total of 72 fatalities, 63 on the airplane and 9 on the ground, The airplane in route to Atlanta, GA ingested hail in both engines causing the engines to flame out and the windshield to be broken by hail strikes. With no power, the pilots put the plane into a glide in search of a place to land the plane as the engines would not restart. They chose a two lane road at New Hope Georgia putting the front tire right on the center stripe of the road. However, there wasn’t enough clearance for the wing span. the left wing struck a gas station causing an explosion while the right wing was clipping pine trees. Ultimately the plane careened or cartwheeled and broke apart…changing many lives that day including the 22 survivors, the families of the fatalities, and the community who took great care of all they could help. The Memorials for Southern 242 is the longest running memorial for an airplane crash in America. New Hope is filled with good folks who care. May God bless all involved and bring peace to the horrific memories, joy to hearts who thought they would never enjoy life again, and turn our tears to dancing in God’s perfect timing while He holds our loved ones closely, and may He put His protective arm around our shoulders, His words on our lips, and His song in our hearts. Check out Southern 242’s Facebook Page for more info and please consider making a donation to the committee who has so diligently worked to keep this memorial alive and provide us a place to reflect. God’s will be done.

    March 31, 2014 at 4:22 am
  2. catalin #

    Thanks for your clarifications.
    Would you like to contribute with further information about other plane crashes?

    April 3, 2014 at 7:23 am