The 2 victims of Asiana 214 were heading for camp

the 2 dead passengers of asiana 214

Newly released images show Ye Mengyuan, left, and Wang Linjia — both killed on Asiana Flight 214

The two girls were close friends each heading to a summer camp in California to improve their English. Ye Mengyuan was a piano player while Wang Linjia excelled at calligraphy. They were both friends since junior high and nobody was surprised that they sitted together in Asiana Airlines Flight 214 plane which crashed and killed both of them on Saturday.
The plane flew from Shanghai,China to San Francisco with a stop to Seoul,South Korea. The Boeing 777 crashed upon landing when its tail hit the ground and then spinned and errupted in flames.
It is not clear what really happened but we can speculate pilot error. Media found out that the pilot who was in charge of landing the Boeing 777 had only 43 hours with that type of plane and he was at his first landing with a Boeing 777.
When emergency service arrived on scene, they found the two victims on the runway, next to the burning wreckage.
Some speculate that the emergency vehicle struck one of the girls and killed her after surviving the crash.
County coroner Robert Foucrault said that an investigation started to determine whether the death was caused by crash or by secondary incident. Remarkably, 305 people survived the crash. Ye Mengyuan and Wang Linjia were the only two who didn’t.

Heading to camp

The two victims of the crash , along with 28 classmates and 4 teachers were heading to a camp in Los Angeles hosted by West Valley Christian School. The aim of this trip was to improve the English skills of this Chinese students.

Back in China, Jiangshan Middle School mourned the death of its two students.

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