Top 10 Planes in the World

Listing the top 10 planes in the world is difficult because it is a fairly general statement. Everyone will have a different option based on their own preferences and what types of things the plane is being used for. With that in mind, however, the following ten planes are truly excellent and are included in the list for their own specific reasons. The following are all business jets which really help keep the business world moving at the speed they need.

Boeing Business Jet – This large jet has plenty of room for both cargo and people which makes it an ideal corporate or personal jet. It can also be redesigned based on the specific requirements of the owner.

Gulfstream V – This corporate jet is able to fly on intercontinental flights and is widely recognized as one of the safest, most reliable and highest performance business jets in the world. This is also one of the most recognizable jets in the world being so popular many singers actually mention it in their songs.

gulfstream-v gulfstream-v-desert-interior

Bombardier Challenger 604 – This jet is able to make long flights and changed the way people looked at corporate travelers looked at private jets. It is extremely comfortable and has some of the lowest cabin noise levels of any jet today.

Citation X – This midsized aircraft takes off quickly and can go on transatlantic flights. It can fly at up to 51,000 feet to help reduce fuel consumption and has plenty of room to keep even the most demanding passengers comfortable. It is also the fastest civilian aircraft in the sky.

cessna-citation-x-interior citation-x
Embracer Legacy – This great plane offers a variety of configurations to ensure everyone is comfortable and has all their needs met. It can comfortably carry 13 passengers and uses all the latest technologies to ensure both safety and reliability.

Embracer-Legacy-600 embraer_legacy-600-interior
Bombardier Learjet 60 – This jet can travel across the country without having to refuel. During the flight passengers will enjoy plenty of room and other accommodations. This is one of the most popular midsized jets in the world.

Bombardier-Learjet-60 Bombardier-Learjet-60-interior
Lear Jet 31A – Another popular jet, it offers great performance. The powerful engines allow the jet to take off and land on runways shorter than 3500 feet which is important during flights to and from smaller airports.

Lear-Jet-31A Lear-jet-31a-interior
Citation V – One of the fastest and most spacious light jets in the world. The cabin is 17 feet long, which is the largest in the light jet category.

Citation-V Citation-v-interior
Hawker 800XP – Long range flights are simple with this great plane. It has the largest cabin of all midsized planes giving it an extremely comfortable layout for everyone on board.

Hawker-800XP Hawker-800XP-exterior
Beech Jet 400A – The beechJet 400A is a great option for those who want great fuel efficiency without sacrificing on the speed or comfort. It is a very popular business jet which can get you where you’re going quickly and comfortably.

Beech-jet-400a beech-jet400-interior

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