Top 10 Sole Survivors of a Plane Crash

Few things are as scary as being on a plane when it is having trouble.  When people experience a plane crash they believe they will die, but in some rare cases people survive them.  In the following ten crashes a single survivor made it out.  In many of these cases the survival of these individuals was called unexplainable or even miraculous by experts and investigators.

10)First Lieutenant Martin Farkas – The crash occurred on January 19, 2006 in Hejce Hungry.  42 people died due to the crash which was caused by pilot error.  Martin survived and called his wife from the forrest asking her to send rescuers.
9)James Polehinke – August 27, 2006 a Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet crashed on take-off killing 49 people, leaving just one survivor.
8)Foye Kenneth Roberts – June 14, 1943 a B-17C Flying Fortress crashed in Australia killing 40 of the 41 individuals on board.  The cause of the crash is unknown, but after takeoff the plane caught fire at about 300 feet before crashing back down.
7)Nestor Mata – March 17, 1957 a C-47 Skytrain operated by the Philippine Air Force crashed killing 25 of the 26 on board including President Ramon Magsaysay.
6)Erika Delgado – January 13, 1995 Intercontinental airlines aircraft crashed in Bogota killing 51 of 52 passengers.  The plane exploded in mid-air as the pilot was attempting an emergency landing.
5)George Lamson, Jr – January 21, 1985 in Reno Nevada a Lockheed Electra 188 crashed killing 70 of the 71 on board.  The cause of the crash was an error made by either the pilot or the ground crew.
4)Mohammed El-Fateh Osman – July 8, 2003 a Boeing 737 aircraft crashed in Port Sudan.  115 of 116 on board were killed when it crashed after takeoff.  The sole survivor was a three year old boy who was seriously injured in the crash.
3)Vesna Vulovi – January 26, 1972 a DC-9 had a bomb go off which caused the plane to crash, killing 27 of 28 on board.  Vesna Vulovi was a flight attendant on board when the explosion occurred at 33,000 feet.  She holds the record for the highest fall survived without a parachute.
2)Cecelia Cichan – August 16, 1987 a MD-82 crashed near Detroit, Michigan killing 154 on board and two on the ground.  After takeoff the plane rolled 35 degrees one way and then the other before the left wing striked a light pole followed by the roof of a rental car building and finally crash into the ground. The only survivor was a young girl.
1)Juliane Kopcke – December 24, 1971 an Electra L-188A crashed in Peru killing 91, leaving one alive.  About a half hour after takeoff at 21,000 feet the aircraft entered a thunderstorm. The plane crashed in a mountainous region of the Amazon where Juliane, the sole survivor, survived for nine days before finally being found and rescued.

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