What happened to Asiana 214 reconstruction

We are far from learning what really happened to Asiana 214. NTSB confirmed today that no system anomalies were found. They found no evidence of any system failures of the Asiana Airlines Boeing 777-200ER. They also mentioned that the fire was not a result of a punctured fuel tank.
Aviation Law firms are recreating the accident step by step as more NTSB information comes to light.

What happened to Asiana 214 experts point of view

Aviation Attorney Paul J. Hedlund’s Legal View of Asiana Flight214
Below you can see a video reconstruction of Asiana 214.

Asiana 214 Video Reconstruction


What you see is a very accurate video reconstruction of the Asiana 214 crash at SFO on 6th of July 2013. Eyewitnesses report that the fire break only after 90 seconds (when evacuation was started).
All the details of the video animation (speed and distance) are as provided by details available on July 10.
In this video you can also see the correct trajectory of Asiana 214 that was supposed to be followed (3 degree glide slope and touchdown point 1000 ft on runway).


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