WWII Era Plane Crashes South of Houston

A World War II era fighter plane, P51 Mustang, named “Galveston Gal” crashed into Halls Lake near Chocolate Bay (south of Houston).  After a hour of searching through the air and sea, Coast Guard crews found two bodies amongst the debris.  One of the victims was a customer who paid for a ride on the plane, according to a source.

The plane took off from Scholes International Airport.

Witnesses on a near by charter boat reported a plane going down around 11:40 A.M.  Jennifer Spaulding, a witness from another boat, heard the impact as the plane hit the water.  Spaulding said, “we saw the water spraying up in the air, but never saw what it was…. we never saw a plane go down or anything, so we didn’t think anything like a plane.  We just figured it was a boat.”

FAA spokesperson, Lynn Lunsford, stated that the pilot was not in contact with the island’s air traffic control.

The names of the victims were not announced.

The crash will be investigated by the FAA.

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