Chartered Plane Accident Attorneys

Chartered Plane Accident Lawyers

Our chartered plane accident lawyers represent individuals that are injured and surviving family members of individuals who are killed in chartered plane accidents. Although chartered plane accidents don’t make as much news as crashes involving large aircraft that carry hundreds of passengers, the devastation caused by a collision or crash of a chartered plane is just as bad.

Executives, tourists, and others who travel by chartered planes (including private jets) are killed or seriously injured in chartered plane accidents each year.

The same aircraft safety issues apply to chartered planes, too; for example:

  • pilot competence
  • pilot fatigue, drug use, alcohol use
  • delegation of chartered plane flight duties to junior or unskilled staff
  • maintenance of the aircraft
  • flight maneuvers in light of weather conditions
  • aircraft-design and manufacturing factors

Chartered Jet Accident Lawsuits

The vast majority of air travel takes place on large commercial airlines such as United, Delta, Lufthansa, etc. On those flights, people get a ticket for just the seat or seats that they need, on a flight that is part of an established schedule, open to the public.

A chartered flight takes place outside of the airlines’ established schedules, and the flight is chartered for the customer’s specifically desired trip at a specific time. Often, a customer is reserving the entire plane (which seats far fewer people than does a major airline’s 747s, for example). Sometimes chartered flights are called “air taxis,” a nickname that helps describe the scenarios in which these flights are used.

A chartered jet accident lawsuit would be filed on behalf of people that are injured or on behalf of the families of those killed while traveling onboard a chartered jet. These types of lawsuits are different from other injury lawsuits and require certain knowledge and skill. If you think you might qualify to file a chartered jet accident claim, you can contact our plane crash lawyers to schedule a free review of your case.

Chartered Jet Crash Lawyer

Accidents that involve chartered planes (whether jets or propeller), chartered helicopters, and tour aircraft must take into account multiple parties, such as:

  • the company that chartered the aircraft
  • the company that maintains the aircraft
  • in many cases, a business entity that offered the chartered plane as part of a package with a hotel stay and possibly other activities
  • the companies that made components of the chartered plane
  • sometimes, a separate company that provided the flight personnel
  • the airport(s) involved, and their air traffic controllers and ground personnel
  • the chartered plane’s passengers and flight personnel
  • when there is a crash in a residential area, the individual residents who were injured or killed

Private Plane Accident Information

The complexity of the liability for chartered plane accidents merits the skills and knowledge of attorneys who are familiar with personal injury law, aviation law, product liability law, and business law. Such a combination of legal expertise is not available at every law firm.

If you were injured or if your loved one was killed in a chartered plane accident, our attorneys have the skill, knowledge, and resources you need. Contact us to schedule a free review of your case.