Farming Aircraft Accident Lawyer

Farm Aviation Accident Lawyers

A farming aircraft accident attorney represents the people who are injured in such a crash or collision. There are thousands of planes and other aircraft that are used around the world for farming purposes, such as for spraying insecticide, pesticide, fertilizer, or seed, and for transporting farm personnel.

Unfortunately, farming aircraft accidents are not rare. The production of food in the U.S. is a multi-billion dollar business, and there is pressure on the farming industry to “do more with less.”

The safety regulations that apply to all of the aviation industry apply to farming aircraft as well and the factors that contribute to wrecks, crashes, and collisions are the same. These plane accidents might involve:

  • pilot error
  • pilot inexperience
  • pilot fatigue; alcohol or drug use
  • weather conditions
  • air traffic
  • air traffic controller error
  • ground personnel errors
  • design defects in the aircraft
  • maintenance mistakes or negligence

Types of Farming Aircraft

There are several types of farming aircraft, and since aircraft have been used for farming and other aspects of agriculture since the earliest days of the air industry, there are plenty of very old planes still in use for farming. However, the main types of contemporary farming aircraft are either fixed-wing airplanes or helicopters (which can be fitted with tanks).

The fixed-wing aircraft may be turboprop-powered, or even converted war-surplus biplanes, although such planes are decades old.

Farming Plane Crash Attorney

A farming plane crash lawyer can determine whether it is in the best interest of the injured party (or his/her surviving family members) to seek a legal settlement for compensation (for losses such as medical bills, funeral costs, disability, dismemberment, long-term care, rehabilitation) or to take the case to court by filing a lawsuit.

Sometimes a settlement is best since it avoids the cost of litigation; in other cases, a lawsuit may be the best alternative. Our attorneys will see to it that you choose the legal strategy that is right for you and will make sure you get the maximum amount of compensation possible, whether via a settlement or a court award.

No matter what the circumstances are in your case, you should speak with an experienced farming plane crash lawyer right away. To schedule a free review of your case, please contact us today.