Industrial Aircraft Crash Lawyer

Industrial Aviation Accident Attorneys

Industrial aircraft crash attorneys are very well-versed in the legal fields of aviation law, wrongful death and injury law, and product liability law. Industrial plane crashes and collisions are often complex matters legally; these incidents often involve multiple parties.

Industrial aircraft include (but aren’t limited to) those used for:

  • executive travel (e.g., company jet or private jet)
  • commercial shipping cargo/freight (domestic or international flights)
  • agriculture (e.g., crop dusting)
  • ranching
  • government-owned planes and other aircraft
  • training aircraft
  • gathering weather data
  • “eye in the sky” traffic helicopters and planes

Industrial Plane Crash Lawyer

In addition, industrial aircraft is not limited to planes; the many industrial aircraft accidents have involved not only piloted planes (jet or prop planes) but unmanned drones, helicopters, and balloons.

An “industrial plane crash lawyer” is cognizant of the laws and regulations regarding all types of industrial aircraft. Unfortunately, there have been many incidents resulting in death and injury in the industrial aircraft field, although these aircraft are subject to the same safety regulations from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and other agencies.

The sheer volume of flight time by industrial planes may be a major factor in the accident rate (think of how many flights are conducted by FedEx and the U.S. Post Office alone). In addition, it should be kept in mind that many industrial and commercial plane accidents do not occur while the plane is in flight; collisions on the ground occur with some frequency (take-offs and landings are particularly risky times, as is taxiing on the runway).

Industrial Aircraft Lawsuits and Injuries

Industrial aircraft lawsuits involving injuries or fatalities are best handled by an attorney or law firm that has experience dealing with such issues for a long time because these cases involve legal issues that are rarely encountered by most law firms.

Industrial aircraft lawsuits are complicated legal cases and only a qualified attorney can get you the full amount of compensation you deserve. Recoverable compensation might include the cost of medical bills, any long-term treatments, emotional suffering, and more.

Our aviation lawyers represent individuals that have sustained severe injuries in industrial aircraft crashes, such as brain injuries, crushed limbs, severe burns, lost limbs, and spinal cord injuries. They also represent families whose loved ones are killed in these types of plane crashes.

Airline Accident Legal Information

If you have been injured in an industrial plane accident, whether as a passenger, ground crew member, flight personnel (pilots, co-pilots, stewards, and stewardesses), or as a bystander, you have legal rights that are best protected by a law firm with the requisite knowledge about both personal injury/wrongful death law and aviation law.

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