53 Years since Deadly Cincinnati Plane Crash

November 20 will be the anniversary of the deadliest airline disaster to affect Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport when 70 people lost their lives as TWA Flight 128 went down in the nearby countryside on a stormy night.

WCPO Cincinnati reports that TWA Flight 128 was traveling to Ohio from Los Angeles when it clipped trees near the Ohio River, bounced over a hill, and finally crashed into an apple orchard only about a mile from the runway at 8:57 p.m. What may be even more devastating is that, just two years earlier, 58 people died when American Airlines Flight 383 crashed into the same hillside en route from New York City.

12 people survived the crash of TWA Flight 128, and memorial services are held at the crash site every year. Cincinnati.com reports that more than 80 people, including survivors, victims’ families, and first responders, attended such a service in 2010 which was also held for victims of the American Airlines Flight 383 tragedy.

According to aviation-safety.net, published by the Flight Safety Foundation, light snow likely affected visibility for the pilots of Flight 128 as they approached the runway. The National Transportation Safety Board stated that pilot error also played a role, finding that “An attempt by the crew to conduct night, visual, no-glide-slope approach during deteriorating weather conditions without adequate altimeter cross-reference. The approach was conducted using a visual reference to partially lighted irregular terrain which may have been conducive to producing an illusionary sense of adequate terrain clearance.”

Though multiple factors may contribute to plane crashes, it is sometimes the case, as in the crash of TWA Flight 128, that human error or negligence is deemed to be the cause. When this happens, an experienced attorney can help injured parties or grieving family members file an aviation accident lawsuit in pursuit of justice and compensation for suffering and damages. If you believe you may have grounds for a plane crash lawsuit, please contact an experienced aviation lawyer to learn more about your rights and how we will protect them in a free and confidential consultation.

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